Regional Banking

 “A leader of change and development in regional banking”

Elmore Alexander has worked with a variety of programs in regional banking.


Early in his career, he taught leadership and management in the Mid-South School of Banking. He also worked on a program focused on implementing a new management structure at a large regional bank.


In the 1980’s, he conducted a comprehensive study of factors affecting the performance on branch managers for a Memphis bank. This study was important in identifying branch manager skills that were directly related to branch performance and led to a reformulation of the bank’s management training program. As a result of the study, the bank made significant changes to its leadership development program for branch managers.


Recently, Alexander and the Ricciardi College faculty worked with Southeastern Massachusetts community banks to develop both a pathway for business students into commercial lending positions as well as an advanced management training program for commercial bankers. These programs were coordinated with new certification programs from the Risk Management Association.


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