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“Elmore Alexander – a leader in business higher education.”

Elmore Alexander’s career in higher education has spanned 40 years and a variety of both public and private intuitions. He has extensive experience in executive education beginning with his leadership as director of the Fogelman Executive Center at the University of Memphis. At American University, he received a grant from the Agency for International Development to design and implement a small business management technical assistance and training program for Morocco. At Johns Hopkins University, he worked with Laureate Education, Inc. (when it was known as Sylvan Learning Systems) to develop one of the first comprehensive on-line graduate programs (“The Business of Medicine”). His on-line educational experience continued at Philadelphia University where he received a grant from the Department of Education to develop an on-line MBA in Textile and Apparel Marketing. At Marist College, he was responsible for on-line MBA and MPA programs. The on-line MBA was ranked 13th in the country during his tenure.


Alexander has also been a leader in business education. He has served as the president of both the Mid-Atlantic Association of College of Business Administration and the Northeastern Business Deans’ Association as well as chair of the Organizational Communication and Information Systems Division of the Academy of Management.  He currently serves on the Board of Governors of Les Roches Global Hospitality Education in Switzerland.


Alexander has been extensively involved in strategic planning within higher education leading academic organizations through comprehensive strategic planning processes.




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Artificial intelligence: Enhancing learning or threatening the academy?  

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